Behind Every Cloud A Silver Lining

Go Global! Go Cloud!

Have a job for life!

This is the decade of the cloud! Make no mistake about it. The next ten years are going to shape the cloud industry for decades to come. I have been working with the main cloud service providers since 2006 when AWS was the first one to open the industry and remains the leader and pace setter to this day. In 2007 I started playing with the Google Cloud Platform but back then it only had one application – App Engine – while many organizations were into virtualization. Eric Schmidt eventually got the Google Engineers heading in the right direction and today they have a very strong cloud platform offering. Then in 2010 when Microsoft Azure was launched I started playing with it but back then there were no base images and one had to create their own Virtual Machine and upload it two Azure. I lived in the country back then with slow Internet. It took three days to upload my 40GB Virtual Machine! Suffice it to say that Azure has come a long way since then. More recently I have started playing with Alibaba’s cloud platform and in many ways they have learned from those that came before them.

I am certified in all three of the above cloud solution platforms and when teaching I am often asked which one I like the best? It is a very tough question as they all have their good and bad sides, just like every product or service does. There are many comparisons out there of the three main cloud providers and it is not something I am going to go into. Usually these cloud service provider comparisons are biased based on who paid for or created the whitepaper. There is one out there floating around right now comparing GCP to Azure but it was authored by a main partner for Google Cloud so you know which cloud provider is going to come out looking better. I suggested to them that if they did a comparison of GCP to AWS that the results would be the same so in order to save them time I suggested they do a Find and Replace in their whitepaper and republish it as it would be much faster!

I came into the computer world as a Journalist. I used computers for my craft. My original computer was a Wang dedicated word processor that had a printer on the top of it! In 1982 I started playing with my Uncle Rod’s IBM PC with two 5 and 1/4″ floppy drives, green screen, and Visicalc. I was hooked! It was like you could be the Master of a Universe inside the PC! In 1984 I purchased an IBM PC Jr through my Aunt Judy (yes, Uncle Rod’s spouse) because she was a school teacher and could get it for a discount. It was an awesome machine! I actually created a 10MB hard drive connection card using schematics I got from a BBS out of Texas. It used the PC’s communications internal slot for the card. My spouse was pretty upset when we got a $400 phone bill for all the BBSing and was doing but that’s another story and one I don’t want to share details on. But from that point forward I knew computers were going to be a big part of my life.

I am as excited today about the opportunities in cloud platforms than I was back in 1982 when I first started playing with Personal Computers. Be in a rising industry and the cloud industry is rising like a rocket ship. I cannot recommend enough to young people that they get certified in one or more vendor cloud service provider solutions. If they do they will have job opportunities for the rest of their life. At 57 years old I am an old dog but even I can and do learn new tricks and so can you old folks. The vendor based cloud platform certification paths are very straight forward. Follow the particular certification exam outline, study the documentation, leverage valid practice exams (ie:, and practice using the cloud console using some of the free training and access vendors provide. All cloud service providers have free account access for a limited time so you can practice using their cloud console.

If you have any questions about starting your cloud journey please reach out and I will be happy to help under one condition and that is you help someone else also get certified.

Behind every cloud is a silver lining. Look for it!